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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

where women create magazine

in summer 2011 issue of Where Women Create magazine
in summer 2011 issue of Where Women Create magazinein summer 2011 issue of Where Women Create magazine

i'm thrilled to be featured in the current summer issue of

my interview is in the new "women create" section of the magazine.

big thanks to christen, amanda and everyone at somerset!

Friday, March 4, 2011

march fourth/forth

the panda & the dinosaur
just a little corner of our house.
mayday studio calendar displayed with my paintings and ada's dinosaur.

today is "the only day that is a command" as my dad likes to say! so i will march forth and share my exciting news as promised. : )

i'm so thrilled to tell you that thea and i are featured in the current issue of somerset studios magazine! look for us in the march/april issue that just hit the shelves! the article is a conversation of sorts between us where you'll get to read some behind-the-scenes stories from the book process, alongside some beautiful new photographs by thea that are not in the book. we had a great day together this fall just "playing" without the pressure of the book on us. i just love her eye, and i'm so lucky to call her not only my collaborator, but also my dear friend.
i hope you'll get a chance to read the article!

here's a sneak peek :

somerset studio article on the chalkboard
somerset article on my table

thanks for your comments about yesterday's post. i really appreciate it. and you wanna know another truth? it took me all day to write that post yesterday... i started during ada's morning nap, fueled by coffee and flowing thoughts, then i had to put it away and was able to wrap up as soon as my husband came home to entertain the peanut. whatever it takes! after i wrote it, i saw this, and it made me smile, then i discovered this post by ali edwards. so good! i'll try to map out my day like this sometime, such a good idea, i just loved reading about her day.

see you here on monday. happy weekend!
xo *s

Friday, May 29, 2009


new home
yes, it's a new home.  (c) sarah ahearn. 2009

happy friday!  
i've been waiting to share this news with you for a while, but i now have the a-okay to let the cat outta the bag as they say!  my first how-to article has been published and is currently on newsstands in the july/august issue of memory makers magazine!  memory makers is a scrapbooking magazine that has a "mixed media" article each month that encourages readers to try something different.  i was contacted by the magazine back in january, they asked me to use the theme "life changes" as inspiration for an article and new painting to be featured in the mixed media column.  it was so fitting as we were in the midst of a big life change, moving, at the time!  as soon as we were somewhat settled in our "new home" i made this piece and wrote the how-to for the magazine.  the whole process has been a wonderful experience for me, and i love how it all came together in the magazine.  i hope you'll get a chance to see the whole article (a full two page spread!) and perhaps i'll inspire you to try some new-to-you techniques! big thanks to katie, it's been so nice working with you on this!  
i'm going to be making some prints of "new home" and have the original framed up to go into my shop next week.  speaking of etsy, there are a now three originals for sale and lots of prints have been restocked.  

well, i'm off to the studio (a quick walk across the street!) to squirrel myself away and get to work. i'll have some new pieces to share with you next week, another {8 things}, and a new sketchbook!  (i'm so glad you liked the last one!)  

thanks for being here and see you then!  xo, *s 

Friday, September 26, 2008

on the real simple blog!

i woke up to this on a sleepy friday morning!  thanks to holly of decor8!  (you made me smile...) 
real simple is by far my favorite magazine, so very exciting to have holly write about my work in her post on the real simple blog!  happy friday indeed.... 
be sure to check out stephanie's blog today too!!  
many thanks to both of these lovely ladies in Germany!  *s